A pest infestation that damages your property is costly and unsafe. Termites can cause major damage to your home and affect its structural integrity. If you think that you may have an infestation, check your house for these five signs of termites.

1. Stuck Doors are Signs of Termites

When it comes to termites, there are bigger problems than damaged furniture. These insects will chew any wooden parts of your home, including your doors and window frames, and cause them to warp. So, if you’re having a hard time opening and closing doors and windows around your home, you may have a termite infestation.

2. Hollow Wood

Termites will chew through the interior of wooden surfaces and objects. Give the wood a knock to see if it sounds hollow. If so, this is a common sign of termites in the home.

3. Signs of Termites Include Wings on Your Window Sills

Before they settle into a new colony, termites first have to find a place to live. They’ll do this by flying around until they spot somewhere close to a food source. Once they’ve found a place to establish a new home, they’ll drop their wings from their bodies. You’ll usually see piles of wings on window sills or near doorways, which is a telltale sign of termites.

4. Droppings Around the House

Finding piles of termite droppings or “frass” around your house is proof that you have an infestation. You will usually find small piles that look like coffee grounds or sawdust near the base of their exit holes.

5. Seeing Termites

This is pretty self-explanatory, but one of the biggest signs of termites is seeing these insects. If you see a couple of termites around your home, it’s time for a termite inspection. Even if you notice only a few termites, this usually means many more are somewhere on your property.

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