Many people think that a home inspection is only conducted when someone is buying a house. However, many sellers order a pre-listing inspection to get the home ready to sell, and some homeowners have regular home maintenance inspections.

A home maintenance inspection checks over systems and components so that homeowners can stay on top of their maintenance needs. The inspector will note if the roof will need to be replaced soon or if there are plumbing leaks that should be addressed. One of the best things you can do as a homeowner is to schedule a yearly home maintenance inspection.

What is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

Just like you go to the doctor once a year for a physical check-up, a home maintenance inspection is a preventative tool for the health of your home. If a part of your home is showing wear or tear or gradual damage is occurring, you can fix the issue before it worsens or completely fails. You’ll only learn about these problems through a home inspection because many of them are difficult for the average homeowner to notice.

What Happens During a Home Maintenance Inspection?

This type of inspection is just like an inspection you would attend if you were buying a home. Your inspector will go through the home to inspect and document the condition of various components. After the inspection, the inspector will explain the findings. You’ll receive a report with photos, notes, and documentation on the different areas of your home.


As with anything, it is always better to prevent a problem than deal with one after the fact. This inspection gives you the knowledge and ability to address small problems in your home before they get worse. It can also prevent unpleasant surprises, like your water heater suddenly failing or your AC stopping in the middle of summer. If the inspector notices a potential issue, you can address it and avoid a breakdown.


A home inspection usually costs a few hundred dollars, but this is a small price to pay to keep your home safe and functional. Add the cost of an inspection into your yearly budget and it won’t feel like a burden.

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