Licensed Home Inspector TJ Hargraves

TJ Hargraves

Licensed Home Inspector

NJ License #24GI00197400

TJ Hargraves has years of experience working with a general contractor, and has worked as a Firefighter for ten years and counting. While working on residential projects with the general contractor, he gained a lot of experience in residential home renovations. He was able to apply some of that knowledge as a firefighter.

TJ has a unique perspective, as he has studied building construction in great depth. Not only does he know how buildings are constructed but also how they can come apart. In addition, he has taught courses on building construction, as he is a Certified Fire Service Instructor. Having studied and taught the topic of building construction, Hargraves’ understanding of the components of a home and how they work remains sharp and up-to-date.

Inspired by his supervisor at the fire department, he decided to start his own home inspection business. He worked for his supervisor’s successful home inspection company as an apprentice. During that time, he received quality instruction and advice from his supervisor and also performed extensive research of his own. Hargraves’ comprehensive knowledge of building construction has helped him tremendously in managing his own successful home inspection business.

“I am here to take my time educating the buyers about one of the biggest purchases they’ll ever make.”

Professional Licenses and Certifications

Radon Measurement Technician

Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics


It is clear that TJ Hargraves’ heart is in his work. Serving as a firefighter, the safety and well-being of others is his life’s calling and passion. And of course, as a home inspector who built his business from scratch, he works with the utmost integrity with his clients’ safety at the forefront. He wants to help his clients fully understand the particulars of their home so they are able to make the most informed decisions, and feel at ease within their homes. Hargraves’ will provide you service that you will not be disappointed by.

Personal Life and Hobbies

TJ Hargraves lives a very active lifestyle. He enjoys nearly everything outdoors, including running, hiking, biking, and skiing. He enjoys learning about self-made people and hearing their stories. He and his wife share a love for traveling. They have visited many interesting places and have several more destinations on their list that they would like to visit in the future.

Home Inspector TJ Hargraves

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